Las Vegas Hotels- Modern and Elegant

The city of Las Vegas is famous for its casinos and beautiful and luxurious hotels. Many of the world famous hotels, casinos and resorts are located in Las Vegas. Most visible aspect in this city is its dynamic architecture. Tourists main attractions are Las Vegas hotels and casinos. The modernization of hotels, casinos and restaurants has established Las Vegas as the most popular destinations for tourists.

Every year more than one lakh tourists visit the city. The main attraction being the casinos and the Las Vegas hotels with all the modernized facilities available. The first hotel opened in the year 1941 with 63 rooms. Its success laid a second hotel in 1942. Thereafter the city didn't looked back and opened many world class hotels and casinos with every facilities to lure the tourists.

Las Vegas hotels are designed world class keeping in mind the relaxation of mind it will provide to the tourists. Rooms are fashioned for the your restful stay. The stay becomes more beautiful with the panoramic views from your towered hotels.

Some of the Las Vegas hotels which the city boasts of are:

  • Bellagio Las Vegas is the ultimate luxury experience with 3,933 guests rooms and suites. The      guest rooms containing all the amenities for your complete rest and relaxation and the charm of   contemporary styling. Suite of this hotel is peaceful haven and equipped with all the facilities to provide you with the most luxurious experience.
  • MGM Grand opened in 1973 with 2,084 rooms. This was one of the largest hotels by the number of rooms at that time. The style of the suite is kept casual yet elegant with comforts of home. All rooms in the grand tower is decorated in a classic design.
  • Flamingo hotel is one of the oldest hotel existing in Las Vegas. This self-contained casino and resorts offers everything an adventurous vacationer could want; including a wildlife habitat and a Caribbean-style water playground.

Las Vegas has lots to offer from its casinos to shows and among those are Las Vegas hotels.