Money is all that matters at High Limit

High Limit game area is a place where stakes limit is kept higher than both lower and middle limit poker games. It usually starts out at $100 to $200 and can exceed any amount that the players want to play. Most prestigious and wealthier people play in this stakes. One should master middle level first before moving to this stakes.

Many hotels in Las Vegas has High Limit game area. They provide excellent service in this gaming zone and make their guests at utmost comfort to start the game. It means more style and more money so the gaming zone should be more stylish and equipped with more services than other.

At Hard Rock Hotel there are two gambling rooms for high stakes players. The peacock lounge and The Fender Room are the two gambling rooms for these guests. The Peacock lounge is named after Jimi Hendrix show where he played wearing a peacock feathered vest. The whole opulence of the room is done to tribute Jimi Hendrix.

The Fender room is where guests can find the high-stakes slot machines. In this place they can gamble with larger bills in peace and privacy. This room also has a special section for racing, where the guests get their own private booth with touch screens.

Treasure Island Hotel and Casino offer great ambience and decor for their customers. This create a lavish atmosphere of the lounge and change the experience of the gaming. Limits are provided upto $15,000, to fuel up the game. Every luxury and design is integrated in this lounge of Treasure Island Hotel.

High Limit area at Luxor Hotel is sophisticated and distinct area. The area features a private cocktail station exclusively, as this is a comfortable lounge for prestigious guests. The management team takes the extra care and make certain that the player receives special attention and recognition.

At Mirage Hotel three gaming area is provided for the high stakes customers. The semi-private area also features casino cages and private restrooms. Private buffet and a dinning area is also available for the guests of this hotel. The lounge also has a full service bar with video poker.

The Mandalay Bay Hotel which prides itself on quality service and elegant decor, earns a great deal of its reputation from how it presents the casino. This is one of the most luxurious casinos in Vegas.

With so many service provided at this high stakes lounge guests feels satisfied and contented.